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Education is the work of providing children or young people with various knowledge and skills. Education starts from birth and continues throughout life. Children are given primary education by their parents. Afterwards, education continues in schools.

      Education is very important for people to build a beautiful future and to advance themselves and the society they live in. It is not possible to develop and create a happy future without education. Education aims to provide children with all kinds of knowledge and skills that they may need throughout their lives. Countries that pursue this goal are constantly developing.

      Every person needs to have some basic knowledge and skills in order to lead their life in the best way possible. A person continues to acquire these knowledge and skills throughout his life. As soon as a baby opens his eyes to the world, he begins to be educated. This training starts with imitation at first and then continues with different methods. A person's first teachers are his parents. Meeting personal needs, general etiquette, behavioral skills are learned at home, that is, in the family. In schools, various cognitive skills are gained.

      The development of a country is directly proportional to the high education system. In other words, the more importance is given to education in a country, the more that country develops and develops. For this reason, the field that developed countries care most about and allocate a share from the economy is the education sector. It is education that makes countries rich and takes them beyond other countries. Today, inventions that contribute to the enrichment of countries are realized by educated people. For example, selling a very good car or smart phone to the whole world will make a great contribution to the economy of that country. Those who produce these cars or smart phones are people who have been trained in a very good education system. Uneducated people are unlikely to advance in technology.

      If countries were aware of the importance of education, they would direct all their resources to that field. Unfortunately, many countries still do not realize the importance of education. They do not know that the best investment should be made in education, that is, in people. Maybe they don't want to know. No matter what country or education system we are in, our duty is to constantly work and improve ourselves. If we can do this, we can build a much better future for ourselves and our loved ones.

Whatever we do, we must do our best. The best way to do the best is to educate and develop ourselves. This education is not just about school life. For example, a carpenter can improve his knowledge by reading books and articles related to his field and improve his skill by trying new things. Here is an example of education. This is true for every professional or every human being.